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We negotiated the license and planned the launch of Deus Ex Machina in São Paulo

Through our work, we brought Deus Ex Machina to São Paulo, where we negotiated the license and acted on the launch strategy. The brand opened its first complex in Brazil, on Avenida Rebouças, in Pinheiros, with a kitchen led by chef Dario Costa. The place, with its outdoor tables and relaxed atmosphere, as well as the brand, has the signature of one of the main names of São Paulo architecture, Oswaldo Bratke.

Present in different countries, from Italy to Indonesia and South Africa, Deus Ex Machina is a brand that carries a true philosophy of life in its DNA.

With thousands of fans around the world today, the famous 'Temples' - as the spaces are called - offer a celebration of culture, the enthusiasm of being together, artistic freedom, the appreciation of craftsmanship and, of course, many products such as hand-painted t-shirts, hats and helmets, all to take home a piece of the brand.

Deus Ex-Machina / Divulgation


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